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Lash Lift & Tint

$350 | PRO starter kit | Manual included | LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP 

What are Lash Lifts & Tints?

A semi-permanent procedure that takes up to half an hour & last about 6-8 weeks where ones natural eyelashes are lifted, curled, and tinted. This relatively low maintenance service is for those looking to cut their morning routine in half without too much of a difference. Our lash lift & tint course is designed for beginners & beauty industry pros who are looking to expand their services & offer the most up-to-date & healthy lash trends. Course is available for 40 days post purchse. 

Course Breakdown

1. Introduction

2. Hair Growth Phases 

3. Different Eye Shapes 

4. Client Consultation

5. Products to Use 

6. Health & Safety 

7. Pricing Your Business 

8. Live Model Part I (Lash Lift) 

9. Live Model Part II (Lash Tint)

10. Motivational Talk 

11. Business Marketing Techniques 

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